tuxLinux and Open Source Software


Excelsior Electronics have a deep understanding of the wealth of software available in the open source world.

Open source software brings multiple advantages, not just low cost. It is a sea of interchangeable parts with components and combinations ideal for all sorts of different purposes. All built on time-tested and solid UNIX bedrock. We can help you navigate that sea because we live there.

These parts are open and free to be modified as required so are highly flexible and can be optimised to suit your requirements. We have the skills to do this.

The Linux kernel is high performance, secure and supports multiple hardware platforms making it an ideal base to build upon using these parts. Allowing you to make complete software stacks for a vast range of different purposes.

We are comfortable developing in and on, many levels of the software stack, from firmware and drivers, interfacing with hardware, to graphical user interfaces. Along with a whole spectrum of areas from 3D graphics to databases.


Cross Platform

Excelsior Electronics don’t believe in single platform development, even Linux. We have in depth experience in developing for multiple platforms, often simultaneously. We develop in cross platform languages like C, C++ and Python, among others, with cross platform libraries like Glib/GTK and STL/Boost, or just good old POSIX.

Using cross platform and open parts we can build what ever is required in a way that leaves you free to change anything, including the platform as nothing is locked or hidden.


Standards and interoperability

We believe in using standards and in ensuring interoperability between implementations of standards. As code is law, we think a workable standard requires an open reference implementation and that an implementation must be conservative in what it sends and liberal in what it accepts.