Excelsior Electronics was formed to provide a flexible design house for providing technical solutions to your problems using our talent pool of hardware and software experts. Our approach is to provide solutions driven by innovation. Our strengths are the ability to provide end to end products which cover electronics hardware, mechanical, software and systems design disciplines. In terms of hardware our core skills revolve around the ability to develop bespoke test and measurement products which offer uncompromising measurement accuracy and robustness. In terms of software we have the talent to turn your ideas into a cross platform polished user interface whilst having the skills to develop the low level drivers which communicate with the hardware we design. Whatever your requirements please ask us for a free consultation.

Project Management

A good project starts with the customer requirements agreed and refined with realistic and achievable deliverables. The end result is that both client and designer are in agreement prior to conceptual design. More »

Conceptual Design

Here at Excelsior we think out of the box and consider multiple design options before detailed assessment against your requirements More »

Analogue & Digital Design

We have extensive experience designing for both precision low noise analogue and high speed digital applications. Where required our designs utilise the latest FPGA and embedded hardware offering the full power and flexibility enhancements they bring. More »

PCB Layouts

Excelsior Electronics can offer you rapid PCB layout designs to your schematics or we can provide both schematic and PCB designs as a complete service. We are intelligent designers using our circuit design skills to offer you advice and cost savings where possible. More »


Software services – update

Please look at our latest software skills page to see how we may help you.

Welcome Joe!

Welcome to our new Software Director. Joe has a wealth of software development experience to bring to our business, specifically in open source and cross platform based development incorporating a number of languages and API’s. Joe’s expertise ranges from Linux kernel and databases to GUI and graphics.

Our website will be updated shortly to include our combined services and skill set.



Welcome to our company site, new for 2013. We hope you like the new format and appreciate your feedback! Please contact us with your project requirements to see what we can offer.